Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Packing Things

Beata Bieniak

Chema Madoz

Roger Ballen

Mary Ellen Mark

Chantal Michel 

Chrissie White

Yuval Yairi, Room 27 with Schlesinger Box, 2004

Frederic Gable

Bernard Faucon

Thorsten Brinkmann

Julien Pacaud

 Rodney Smith

 Rodney Smith

Marlene Dietrich

Mikhaïl Kobakhidzé

Dorothea Lange: Toward Los Angeles, California, 1937

Jack Spencer, Hombre está yendo, Guanajuato

Solzhenitsyn returning from exile. Arrival to Ryazan, 1956

Robert Doisneau

Harald Hauswald, East Berlin Metro, 1980s

Wall Street Man

Yves Lecoq

Elene Usdin

 Heidi Lender

 Eugenio Recuenco

Brooke Shaden

Packing Myself

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

Chantal Michel

Guy Bourdin

Thorsten Brinkmann

Luggage end tables by Rodney Allen Trice 

Joseph Beuys, The Pack, 1969

Yuval Yairi, Memory Suitcase #11, 2006

Ben Heine

 Mark Kostabi

Chiho Makino


  1. love this!
    a couple more that I blogged about:



  2. whoa! what was that? can you check packing peanuts? this is great! quite shocked somehow..

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